About Dreamdress

About us!

Everything started with my grandma and her big dream. She is a loving mother of three daughters and caring grandmother of three grandchildren.

It has always been her great passion to decorate, design and sew children’s clothing.

Her professional career, however, was ultimately different.

Now she wants to realize her dream in retirement: child clothing for girls, accessories, bags and much more.

The idea got through the family form. As a project discussed at the kitchen table, and finally with the help of all, it became from the vision a project.

Everyone in the family helps.

Her daughters travel the whole world, so you can find the most extraordinary and loveliest pieces in our assortment.

We have brands that are not everywhere, from all over the world with different designs.

In our shop, we attach great importance to our goods, as we only have selected items, but we do not have masses, for which there is something for everyone.

My name is Catharina and I attend a Higher Technical College for Biomedical Equipment, and I am the mainstay of my grandmother, in terms of youth, media and administration and trends. So we bring all different tastes of different age groups together.

Now it is important to keep them always up to date, but not to destroy our goods in the masses.

My main task is to manage, and complete the online store.

I am open to any desire, suggestion, comment and criticism. You can also find us un Facebook!

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